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Aircraft fire report shows effectiveness of fire protection

The official report into the fire on American Airlines Boeing 767-300 in Chicago, 28th October 2016 is now available.

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Understanding US codes and standards

A detailed article by Marcello Hirschler in Fire & Materials presents and explains the procedures for development and revision of codes and standards relevant to fire safety in the USA.

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US Guidance on hazardous, non polymeric halogen FRs

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has published regulatory guidance, to industry and the public, to protect consumers (particularly children) from exposure from exposure to additive, non-polymeric organohalogen flame retardants (OFRs) found in children´s products, childcare articles and toys; in domestic upholstered furniture; in mattresses; and in plastic casings for electronics equipment.

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ChemSec flags bad targeting of Sweden´s E&E ecotax

Environmental NGO ChemSec has criticised the Swedish ecotax on certain flame retardants in electrical equipment. In an article on the NGO´s website, its Director, Anne-Sofie Andersson, states The tax also covers flame retardants based on phosphorus.

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Fire Safe Europe calls to regulate smoke toxicity

A meeting organised in the European Parliament building by the association Fire Safe Europe´ and MEP Pavel Hoc underlined concerns about firefighter cancer risks (see pinfa Newsletter 70) and called to regulate smoke toxicity in buildings, starting with testing and labelling of smoke toxicity for construction productions.

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EU Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP) launched

The European Commission announced in September (see pinfa Newsletter-84), in a European Parliament debate following the Grenfell Tower fire, the launch of a Fire Information Exchange Platform, to bring together national authorities and stakeholders to discuss fire safety practices, new products and technologies and fire engineering principles.

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UK fire sector calls for national fire safety agency

Brian Robinson, 35 years with the London Fire Brigade, President of the UK Fire Sector Federation (FSF), has called for the establishment of a national fire safety agency, to address fragmentation in fire safety regulation and provide an approach to fire safety independent of government.

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Need for research on fire safety - environment links

RISE (Norway) research institute considers that more fire research related to environmental impacts should be engaged. Research questions identified include the environmental impacts of materials used to protect against fire and of fire extinguishing products, and environmentally preferable substitutes;

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Defining parameters in FR alternatives assessment

Within the EU-funded (FP7) project DEROCA, a chemicals alternatives assessment is carried out by authors from the European Commission (JRC) on six different flame retardants: DecaBDE, ATH (aluminium trihydroxide), multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT), red phosphorus, aluminium diethylphosphinate, N-alkoxy hindered amine reaction product (BASF Flamestab NOR 116 or CGL 116).

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Low smoke cable compounds recognised by UL

Teknor Apex, a global compounding leader, has obtained UL (Underwriters Laboratory) AATJ 2 recognition as low smoke and halogen free flame retardant (LS-HFFR) for seven cable components.